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Water Drainage Solutions
 House Leveling & Foundation Repair

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Water Drainage Solutions 

Are you having drainage problems such as; yard erosion, standing water in your yard, water flooding into your house, movement in your house or foundation problems? You will find our professionals have the solutions for your water drainage problems, including a water drainage landscape consultant. Not only do we know how to stop this from happening, we can prevent this from happening again. We may have to utilize any of the following approaches to fix your problem: Run-off Drains, French Drains, Channel Drains, Gutters, Terraces or Berms, Lift Stations, Drainage Landscaping, Breams or Pump Drains.

 Drainage Solutions Explained:

Run-off Drains
Run-off Drains
A systems that removes top water (Rain and/or Running) away from the home or building. It is used in areas where dirt can't be place around the foundation or low spots to remove water.

French Drains
French Drainage System
Water drainage system that is used underground to remove seeping underground water caused by underground springs or a home or building at the bottom of a hill. For more information on the multi-flow system visit:

Terrace or Berm System
Berm is a hill of dirt, placed and sloped along a hill to help divert top ground water away from home or building.

Pump Drainage
Pump Drainage System
Water drainage as the Run Off Drain System, but where there is no ground slope, where all the water is drained into a control basin, then pumped out into a location.

Aluminum one piece system placed on the eaves of the home or building to catch rain water off the roof into the gutters, down the downspout into a Run Off System.

Channel Drainage
Channel Drainage System
Water drainage system place in concrete areas (driveways, front & back doors) with a grate cover on the top.

Evaluation for Water Drainage:
We offer a service to evaluate your water drainage: Evaluate water that is pooling around home/foundation and/or water that is pooling in yard. Evaluate solution & cost for removal of water away from home and yard.
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House Leveling & Foundation Repair

Pier & Beam Foundation Before repair Pier & Beam Foundation after repair Slab Foundation Slab Foundation
Pier & Beam Foundations or Slab Foundations

Are you in need of foundation repairs? Our House Leveling Division specializes in both pier and beam and slab foundations. You will find our professionals have the solutions for all your foundation and water drainage problems.
If you see any of the following signs around your home or building it may mean you have leveling problems.

Exterior Indicators:
* Stair-stepping cracks in brick walls
* Sagging brick lines when sighting down wall
* Bowed or non-vertical walls
* Separation of wood trim joints at corners
* Tilting of landscaping/retaining walls
* Separation of concrete driveway, patio or sidewalk from foundation

Interior Indicators:
* Cracks in sheetrock walls or ceilings
* Bottom of wall separating from floor
* Cracks at wall corners
* Cracks above doors
* Sticking doors and windows
* Cracks in ceramic or vinyl tile
* Cracks in concrete floors

These are all common problems of movement in a home. It doesn't matter how new the house or building is, if you see these signs your home or building is moving. This can be leveled back out properly and even made so you will not have this problem anymore. No matter what size home or building you have or what it is sitting on, we can help you get it back to level. Pier & Beam or even a Slab can be leveled with ease.
If you see any of these signs contact us and let us evaluate your problem.

Foundation Evaluation for Slab & Pier & Beam:
Digital & Laser floor reading
Pier & beam inspection
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We take pride in our work and respect our customer's home and privacy. We try to make our customers as comfortable as possible while we work. We go to quite an expense to help protect your surroundings while on the job; by providing, as an example: a dust barrier, door jam protectors and plastic cover for floors, on the exterior we cover and protect your landscaping. Clean up is done daily. We stay on the job until it is finished. We warranty our work.

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